Consistently 8th September is marked as World Physical Therapy Day (PT Day) which is an open opportunity for physiotherapists from around the globe to bring issues to light about the expert’s significant responsibility to protecting individuals, mobile, and solid.

The day denotes the overall physiotherapy community’s unity and solidarity. It is a chance to welcome the work physiotherapists accomplish for their patients and their general public. World Physiotherapy Day is a focal point that endeavors to energize and reinforce its information in part associations.

Physiotherapists assume a key function during the COVID pandemic in the assurance of the wellbeing and security of people and social orders everywhere on over the world. Yet, numerous physiotherapists, for example, partners in other clinical callings, face pointless dangers since they don’t have the correct individual assurance to lead their business.

The current year’s topic is center around the restoration and COVID 19, which for a considerable length of time and presumably years to come will be our primary need. The calling is outstanding in helping its most weak individuals to accomplish opportunity and personal satisfaction in manners we have at no other time seen. In spite of the fact that COVID-19 weariness is easy to accomplish at this stage and it is thorough to see and to create more cash, presently is our opportunity to answer the issue.

In 1996, 8 September was proclaimed as World Physical Therapy Day by the WCPT (International Confederation of Physiotherapy). WCPT set up this date in 1951. The occasions of the World Physical Therapy Day positively affect the calling’s picture and on open and lawmakers, as the various investigations from around the globe have appeared. 

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