Urmar Bala Camp

Urmar Bala Camp

One day Out-reach patients’ camp was organized on February 11, 2019, by the ARPD physical therapy team in Urmar Bala Peshawar.

ARPD provided spot treatment to 121 patients indiscriminately by means of free physical therapy Camp. Cerebral palsy was the most detected disability in the area. Home treatment plans were advised for their pathologies, while patients with major disabilities were referred to Rehabilitation center Peshawar, whereas the other patients were treated at camp.

The major issues we witnessed there were un-affordability of hospital and transportation costs, negligence of the elders, the absence of escorting and poor awareness in the community.

Assocation for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and was founded in 1986. Our Mission is to improve the lives of people from underdeveloped and vulnerable communities with a special focus on persons with disabilities



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