Sartaja is one of the motivational icons for others. She contracted polio at the age of five in District Peshawar. She has been suffering a lot from this disease, but she remained steadfast in her life and never left to lose.

According to Sartaja, she has been ignored by the society. Due to her disability, she remained illiterate as did not have accessible schools in her area. She has been facing problems, but she never lost her hope, she says, “a person should not stop the effort. If someone really wants to obtain his/her goal in life so then hurdle may not be an issue in front of his/her ambition. She/he should fight the war till the end of last breath. The person should never give up”.

Although, Sartaja did not get education, but she is a multi talented woman. She learned many skills. She knows cutting, tailoring, hand embroidery, hand knitting, glass work, Khadi Work, stabilizer and sewing machine repairing and handmade fan. She earns her livings with these skills. In spite of being multi-talented, she could not earn a living due to her disability. She was earning very less amount from these skills, because it was needed a solid platform where she could show her skills to the people.

Four months ago, she approached RCPD’s skills development center, which is not only giving vocational skills to women with disabilities but also empowering them by providing a platform to earn and promote their work. RCPD hired her as a Vocational skill teacher. Now she teaches different skills to Persons with Disabilities in RCPD’s skills development center. Besides teaching, she is getting basic education at RCPD. Moreover; she has opened her own vocational skill center in her home where she teaches to 30 students.

Sartaja is happy and satisfied with RCPD’s skill development program. She says that RCPD is like a home for women with disabilities. Moreover, she utters that she came to RCPD with the aim of teaching. She urges PwDs should not straight their palms in front of others. They should prefer their self-esteem over the selflessness. Because it’s better to die rather than begging from others.


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