All Pakistan Special Games- Abbottabad

27th All Pakistan Special Games was held in Abbottabad in 2020. ARPD’s sports team participated in the
event. ARPD’s sports team won 13 Medals in different games. Gulshan was the only player in the 27th
Abbottabad Sports Festival, who took part in two games (table tennis, powerlifting) and won gold
medals. ARPD’s sports team took part in different games and grabbed medals. Abdullah- Gold in Table
Tennis Standing Gulshan- Gold in Table Tennis Standing Gulshan- Gold in Power Lifting Waqar Ali- Gold
in Badminton Upper Double Akmal- Silver in Wheelchair Race (Junior) Robeena- Silver in Table Tennis
(Wheelchair) Gulshan- Runner-up in Wheelchair Cricket (ARPD women cricket team) Hidayat- Silver in
Badminton Upper Double

Search of Pearls- Table Tennis Training Camp

A specialized table tennis training camp was conducted at RCPD Peshawar for all levels of table tennis
players with disabilities. Experienced table tennis professionals trained players with disabilities. The
training was based on players' levels of veracity, consistency, accuracy, power and hit ratio. The center is
praised as "Perfect place for Table Tennis training " and "the cradle of table tennis players
with disabilities".