All Pakistan Special Games- Abbottabad

27th All Pakistan Special Games was held in Abbottabad in 2020. ARPD’s sports team participated in the
event. ARPD’s sports team won 13 Medals in different games. Gulshan was the only player in the 27th
Abbottabad Sports Festival, who took part in two games (table tennis, powerlifting) and won gold
medals. ARPD’s sports team took part in different games and grabbed medals. Abdullah- Gold in Table
Tennis Standing Gulshan- Gold in Table Tennis Standing Gulshan- Gold in Power Lifting Waqar Ali- Gold
in Badminton Upper Double Akmal- Silver in Wheelchair Race (Junior) Robeena- Silver in Table Tennis
(Wheelchair) Gulshan- Runner-up in Wheelchair Cricket (ARPD women cricket team) Hidayat- Silver in
Badminton Upper Double

Search of Pearls- Table Tennis Training Camp

A specialized table tennis training camp was conducted at RCPD Peshawar for all levels of table tennis
players with disabilities. Experienced table tennis professionals trained players with disabilities. The
training was based on players' levels of veracity, consistency, accuracy, power and hit ratio. The center is
praised as "Perfect place for Table Tennis training " and "the cradle of table tennis players
with disabilities".

International Women’s Day (UNCRPD)

International Women's Day is celebrated across the world on the 8th of March every year to foster
awareness about women's rights and protect their lives. Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically
Disabled (ARPD) in collaboration with CARY observed International Women's Day with Women with
Disabilities in Charsadda. On the day, they played different games such as Bocce, Archery, Four Wheeler
race, and shooting. In the end, shields were given to Women with Disabilities.

International Day of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD)

The International Day of People with Disability was held on December 3, 2020, at RCPD Peshawar. It was
organized by the ARPD Peshawar. The main objective of the day was to increase public awareness about
people with disabilities and celebrating their achievements and contributions. The event was included
discussion, awards ceremony, and performance by the People with Disability. It was attended by
teachers, students, and civil society representatives. Students of A.I.S.S and People with disability
performed different tableaus on National Songs. President of ARPD, Anjum Anwar, Managing Director,
Dr. Umar Ayub Khan and other ARPD Board Members were present at the occasion. President Anjum
Anwar highly appreciated the performances of children and adults with disabilities. She distributed cash
prizes, medals and other gifts among the participants.

UNCRPD Implementation

All other human rights agreements apply to people with disabilities and the UNCRPD (Convention on
the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) does not create new rights. It does however require that states
take extra measures to create an enabling environment and to remove the barriers that society may put
in the way of people with disabilities accessing their rights. ARPD is working under the UNCRPD in
order to provide multiple quality services, which are included in UNCRPD, such are; education,
rehabilitation, advocacy and financial empowerment.

ARPD Inclusive School System

Our Mission is that every student with and without disability develops a feeling of belonging
with other students and teachers irrespective of their abilities. To create an inclusive
environment where diversity is valued, students with vast differences learn together and
bringing about attitudinal changes in the educational community. All students in this school,
regardless of their Strengths and Weaknesses, Religion, Language, Color, and Disability,
become a part of the school community.
Our Vision is to make a community where all children feel loved, respected, and
encouraged to develop their fullest potential. We strive to support this environment by
building an inclusive curriculum, addressing a range of learning styles, offering a wide array
of diversity efforts and programs, and participating in the wider community.

Orthopedic Workshop

We specialize in fitting the ‘hard to fit individual’ and aim to ensure that superior care is provided.
Prosthetics and Orthotics workshop of ARPD has manufactured and delivered appliances to thousands
of patients, including the upper and lower limb prosthesis, splints, braces, orthopedic shoes, KAFOs and
AFOs. The silicon items and limbo-sacral corset have also been shown a good response as these items
are delivered to patients.

COVID-19 Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has put significant pressure on health systems all around the world. The drastic
measures established to contain its spread has created serious impediments to economic activity,
livelihoods, and food security. Daily wagers were the worst hit, whose livelihood has been badly affected
by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, food distribution campaign was
started by ARPD with help of HHCS donors thousands of food packs were distributed during lockdown.
ARPD’s Coronavirus Response Team at the forefront specified the following measures; that food was to
be distributed primarily to the urban poor who are affected by the nationwide lockdown; as a matter of
urgency, priority was given to the urban groups throughout the country. The beneficiaries being small
business operators and daily wagers, transgender, minorities, and persons with disabilities, who earn
hand to mouth.

Vocational Skills Center

At the RCPD’s Skill Development Center we provide different kinds of vocational trainings, the following
skills are cutting, sewing, hand embroidery, Machine and Hand Knitting and beauty Clinic. Tools have
been provided to needy Persons with Disabilities after successful completion of trainings.

Beauty Parlor

On January 20, 2018, ARPD opened a beauty parlor for PWDs at RCPD Peshawar. The aim behind the
parlor is to teach free beautician courses to women with disabilities in order to empower them
financially. After learning skills from Special Beauty Parlor, they will be able to open their own beauty
parlors at their doorsteps and will earn their living with dignity.