Muhammad Akmal Khan

Muhammad Akmal khan an inspiration….A proud ARPD team member. 21 years old M.Akmal Khan was born in Zaida, Swabi. One day he was playing in the courtyard that an aerial fire hit him in the backbone and caused him incomplete spinal cord injury. He was 6 by that time. His parents took him to hospital […]

Abdullah Jan

Success story of Abdullah (Table Tennis Player) We all face the worst times in life where life might come to an end. The fight to move on depends on us as it is our life and no one else will be there to fix everything. Several times it is required to feel that energy inside […]

Khalid Wali

Twenty-Five years old Khalid Wali very depressed and disappointed when he was brought to RCPD. He had visited many places to seek help for his ailment but no results. At RCPD he was diagnosed with GBS (Guillain-Bare Syndrome) by physiotherapy team. His upper and lower limb muscles were weak. Due to that weakness, he was […]


Eight years old Sayyam was brought to the RCPD’s Physiotherapy Department. After complete assessment, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP). His motor skills and vision were impaired. He did not have control on his head. He was unable to sit and stand. He had speech problem as well. But after three months of extensive therapy, […]


Sartaja is one of the motivational icons for others. She contracted polio at the age of five in District Peshawar. She has been suffering a lot from this disease, but she remained steadfast in her life and never left to lose. According to Sartaja, she has been ignored by the society. Due to her disability, […]

Samia Anjum

32 years old lady Samiya came to the RCPD Physiotherapy department one month ago. After clinical examination, she was diagnosed with Hemiplegia (HP) by RCPD physiotherapists’ team. Because of Hemiplegia her half part of the body had been paralyzed. She was facing difficulties in maintaining her balance of body due to limb weaknesses leading to […]

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Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD) is a well-known organization. The organization is a widely recognized non  organization that strives to improve the lives of underdeveloped and vulnerable communities with a special focus on Persons with Disabilities in KPK.


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© Copyright 2021 by by ARPD. All Rights Reserved.

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