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Comprehensive Rehab Program

Located in Peshawar Pakistan, this center provides free services to the physically disabled. It Provides physiotherapy for stroke, polio, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and bomb blast victims. Moreover, RCPD provides counseling as well as artificial limbs and walking aids. Not only do we rehabilitate them physically, but also empower them financially by teaching them […]

Orthopaedic Workshop in ARPD Peshawar

We believe that each individual is unique, deserving tailored individualized care to allow them to return to active lifestyles. We specialize in fitting the ‘hard to fit individual’ and aim to ensure that superior care is provided. The Prosthetic and Orthotic workshop of ARPD has manufactured and delivered appliances to several patients so far, including […]

More than 400 patients given FREE treatment in Karak Camp

Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled – ARPD in collaboration with local Rehabilitation organization, on September 30th held a free Physiotherapy and Medical camp at Zamindar House, Official Colony Karak. According to the registered data more than 400 patients were given free treatment and medicine while the specialist Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, and Doctors personally […]

Free multidisciplinary camp in tribal district Bajaur

Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled – ARPD successfully organized free Physiotherapy and Medical camp in Tribal District Bajaur. The free camp took place in DC Jirga Hall Bajaur Khar from 09am to 04pm on September 17th, 2020. A team of Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Medical Specialists, and P & O’s assisted more than 700 […]

World Physical Therapy Day (PT) 8th September 2020

Consistently 8th September is marked as World Physical Therapy Day (PT Day) which is an open opportunity for physiotherapists from around the globe to bring issues to light about the expert’s significant responsibility to protecting individuals, mobile, and solid. The day denotes the overall physiotherapy community’s unity and solidarity. It is a chance to welcome […]

Free wheelchair distribution in Peshawar

Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD) Peshawar is planning to distribute free wheelchairs among the poor and needy people with disabilities in district Peshawar. People with disabilities who are between the ages of 12 years to 55 years and own district Peshawar as their permanent residence are eligible to Apply Online for Free […]

Urmar Bala Peshawar

One day Out-reach patients’ camp was organized on February 11, 2019, by the ARPD physical therapy team in Urmar Bala Peshawar. ARPD provided spot treatment to 121 patients indiscriminately by means of free physical therapy Camp. Cerebral palsy was the most detected disability in the area. Home treatment plans were advised for their pathologies, while […]

Tehsil Wari Upper Dir

One day Out-reach patients’ camp was conducted on September 14, 2019, by the ARPD physical therapy and speech therapy teams in Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Wari Upper Dir. Initiative for the camp was taken by the request of the people of Dir. About 226 physically disabled patients, 35 patients with speech and psychological problem have availed […]

Mirpur (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) Camp

Over 100 patients were examined in a free medical camp for Physically Disabled Patients held in the Earthquake affected areas, Pindi Subherwal, Khari Sharif, Jaatlan, Morra Keikri, Saang and Pull Munda of District Mirpur (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) at Rural Health Center on Sunday, December 15, 2019. The camp was jointly organized by the Association […]